Anna’s relationship with yoga has evolved over the last 10 years, to become a form of physical activity to offer greater flexibility and strength, to being a way of life. Yoga is part of my daily ritual of self care, self exploration, and a necessary practice to help me be the person I want to be in the world.


Every time I come to the mat, I learn something new. Every time I leave the mat, I feel different, but at the same time, more connected to myself. This is what keeps me coming back again and again, and inspires me to share this transformative practice through my teaching.


I am lucky to be able to combine my yoga teaching with my work as a psychologist and mindfulness meditation teacher. I frequently incorporate elements of mindfulness and meditation into my yoga classes, supporting students to experience a more holistic mind, body, heart practice.


My classes include a combination of both slow and gentle with strong and dynamic with the aim of offering something for every body. Using breath as a guide to  move the body, you’ll naturally find your own rhythm and pace, thus tuning into the natural rhythm of you.


My aim is to support students to connect with your body, your breath and a deeper state of wellbeing with the hope of supporting you to take what you experience on the mat to your everyday life.


Kerry's background as a massage therapist was the starting point for her yoga journey - her fascination with functional anatomy was fuelled by the beauty, strength and grace of the postures and she was thrilled to find a way to offer her clients a more comprehensive approach to long term spinal care and core stability issues.
What she didn't expect was to fall in love with a practice that would change her life.
Peace, self acceptance, balance and contentment came hand in hand with strength, fitness and flexibility.

Kerry’s training began with The Radiant Child’s Yoga program and was followed by an 800hr course at Australian College of Classical Yoga. Workshops in yoga for pregnancy, the elderly, mums and bubs yoga and restorative work followed, then through her anatomy studies Kerry found yin yoga and the work of Paul Grilley. She undertook training with both Mysan Sidbo and Jennifer Crescenzo and has refined the practice to incorporate her restorative and somatic work. Kerry has gone on to undertake extensive study with Donna Farhi and is now a Senior Associate Teacher of hers, and continues to assist her on trainings. She studies Somatic Movement therapy with Lisa Petersen and has assisted her on workshops also.

Next year she is plans to undertake further Ayurvedic Study after a fascinating retreat with Melissa Spammer from the US.

In her spare time, she's created Koru Pantry with her sister Kylie, making delicious chai, teas and other nourishing foods. She caters for retreats and teaches vegetarian cooking


Libby has been teaching hot yoga for over 5 years. She was drawn to teaching after experiencing the healing benefits both mentally and physically that she received from cultivating a consistent hot yoga practise.Her classes will consist of breathing exercises, asanas (postures) to stretch and strengthen the body and mind and relaxation to combat the stresses of modern life.


Shannon teaches vinyasa yoga and hot power yoga, and draws inspiration from a range of influences, including the Ashtanga Yoga tradition, and various modern yoga styles. She is especially grateful to her teachers and influences and the lineage of Krishnamacharya.Shannon aspires to make classes fun, accessible and authentic, with a focus on creating a safe and effective yoga practice, with an emphasis on simplicity, alignment, breath and building a solid foundation. Music, chanting and oracle cards are incorporated into her classes, for inspiration, connection and playfulness.


Natja started practicing Yoga in 2004 with a classical Ashtanga class on a regular basis. After moving to Australia in 2007 she realised that Yoga is so much more. Natja graduated in July 2010 with an Advanced Diploma of Yoga Teaching from the Australian Yoga Academy. She loves exploring different styles which influence her practice and teaching. Her classes are holistic including breathwork, chanting, warm-ups, Vinyasa (flowing postures), body awareness in asana (postures), relaxation, meditation and smiling. She teaches regular classes for all age groups, beginner to advanced in Yoga studios, gym, corporate and private. In 2011 she completed the Foundation and Advanced Kids Yoga Teacher Training with Zenergy and added their Yoga Therapy for Children in early 2012. She studied Yoga Therapy and Breast Cancer with Annette Loudon. She attended workshops with Sadie Nardini and was so inspired by her combination of functional movement and yoga that she completed a teacher training for Core Strength Vinyasa. Natja follows the path of Yoga with great passion and teaches the whole student to nourish the mind body connection.


Eva yoga teacher: 4 years Practicing Yogi: 7 Years Passion: Life Satisfaction: To bring joy to others Life purpose: To spread love and create a ripple effect upon this planet Eva is a creative, vibrant free spirited soul who was put on this earth to experience life to the very brim and to remind others to do the same. She is passionate, energetic and enthusiastic and thrives most when she is pushing through boundaries and obstacles for a richer human experience. Eva comes from a gymnastic background and recognises the importance of movement and of being fully present in our bodies for a richer human experience. She was born to move and express herself through her body and she does this regularly through various styles of yoga, creative dance, running and hiking and has recently taken up hooping dance. Yoga has had a profound impact on Eva’s life and she feels so blessed for all of the lessons and teachers who have shown up for her. We are honoured to welcome Eva into our community of teachers where she will weave her knowledge and experiences into a beautiful flow of movement, sound and mindfulness.


Alechia brings to the mat over 30 years of dance and martial arts training. Teaching dance and dancing professionally as well as teaching other movement classes for over 15 years. Her passion for movement is strong, the place where her mind is most still.
Yoga became her focus after experiencing the many benefits practice had on her body and mind. 
Her classes encompass all of her past experience and training. Building internal awareness, focus, strength, challenge, and fluidity. All coming back to the most important thing in practice ‘your breath’ in this present moment.
Alechia trained at The Australian Yoga Academy 350hr Advanced Diploma of Yoga Teaching and Vinyassa certificate and continues to immerse herself in workshops and training to enhance her understanding of the bodies’ mechanics and movement.
She is passionate about embracing and promoting a healthy body/mind both on and off the mat. Off the mat you will find her hiking and exploring the mountains with her best mate Daisy (dog). And pursuing her other love and profession; design, photography and creating. Seeking ‘Sitham Sukam Asanam' - a balance of effort and ease in practice and in life.


Lani was first introduced to yoga while travelling in Asia. Her passion and love for the practice sparked after her first class and since 2008 she has been a committed practitioner. Lani completed intensives in Rishikesh and Mysore, India and in 2012 completed 200hr Yoga Alliance training at SomaChi Yoga and is a member of the SomaChi Association of Australia Inc. Lani has also completed a number of workshops exploring prenatal and chair yoga and Thai Yoga Massage.

Also a social worker, Lani believes in the therapeutic benefits of yoga for both body and mind. She views yoga as a ‘whole’ experience with deep respect for lineage and tradition integrating Buddhist,Hindu and Indigenous philosophies.

Lani also founded ‘Cultural Yoga Project,’ a not-for-profit initiative that provides yoga to refugee and asylum seekers for little or no cost. Lani has therefore taught yoga in many environments, countries and with varying individuals.


Shiri started her yoga journey after a trip to India where she discovered her love for yoga, later on after having her first son she decided to deepen her practice, wanting to learn more about yoga and eventually become a yoga teacher.  She has been teaching yoga since 2012 after completing Advanced Diploma of Yoga Teaching at  The Australian Yoga Academy.

Shiri also completed 500 hr Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga with Sadie Nardini ,200hr Rainbow kids yoga teacher training,and 30hr Yin yoga teacher training .


Shiri's classes focus on fun creativity and a comfortable approach to the yoga practice.  She draws inspiration from Iyengar and vinyasa flow incorporating a mix of traditional and modern styles while maintaining her own unique approach to each class.

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